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Grains and Legumes: Do we need them? Should we eat them?

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Weight loss and maintenance of it require lifestyle change.  Come and learn about the ways you can embrace those changes.


Nature or Nurture? 

It's BOTH!

Those of us who have struggled with our weight lifelong are probably genetically predisposed to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many related conditions.  If you have tried many times, OPTIFAST is a program of last resort.  It tastes good, controls appetite, and lets your body burn fat.  It has helped people reduce body fat for over 40 years--it's tried and true.


You may have a genetic risk for heart disease, but you can reduce your risk by healthy living.  A recent study done at Massachusetts General Hospital found that "even if you have been dealt a bad genetic hand, you do have control over the problem," according to study director, Dr. Sekar Kathiresan.  The study found that genes can double the risk of heart disease, but a good lifestyle cuts it in half.  On the other hand, a terrible lifestyle erases about half of the benefits of good genetics.

The data was based on a scoring system that used points for lifestyle and presence of obesity in the subjects.  The doctor states that if you have a strong family history of heart disease, you have it in your power to change that risk.  Eating healthy, exercising at least once a week, not smoking, and normal weight were the elements identified as risk reducers.  If you are overweight, eating healthier and exercising regularly are the first steps to losing weight.  Not smoking is a must.  To read more about the study results, click here.

If weight loss would help you reduce your risk of heart disease, contact us at Medical Weight Management Center at 952 835 2132.  Talk to Karen Holtmeier, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, to discuss the way you can lose weight quickly and safely.



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Our program includes a complete nutrition analysis, instruction, seven weekly check-ins, support and planning classes for only $525 plus the cost of OPTIFAST® for an 8-week program. Now is the perfect time to get structure and balance back in your eatingGet started today!

We'll help you get set up on our affordable program! If you are a maintenance patient, just come to class.  If you are a new patient or need a refresher course, give us a call to get scheduled.

Sticky Note Corner



This is not new information, as OPTIFAST was designed for that about 40 years ago!
  I'm sure that you have heard that losing weight will improve your diabetes.  That is usually true, and, in many cases, it will normalize blood sugars as well as other blood values.  For most Type 2 diabetics, keeping the weight off will keep the diabetes in remission.

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are chronic diseases that require continued treatment.
But don't fret, we are here with tips and support: 

Sometimes Simplicity Is Best.  

OPTIFAST® is so simple. Why wouldn't you do it? 

Your life is busy. You're on the go. So why over-complicate things with a diet plan that's hard to manage? Instead, choose OPTIFAST®.  Our program is simple: Each day, you'll drink 5 shakes (or choose among our delicious soups and bars) and eat a simple, healthful dinner meal. If you are ready to improve your health and shed body fat, what could be simpler? Plus it's affordable!

Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

Many employers are encouraging their team members to live healthier by quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight. Some employers are even suggesting weight loss surgery as a solution to improving their team's lifestyle and decreasing health costs.

Before doing anything drastic, consult with Medical Weight Management Centers. Our programs can acheive similar results without surgery, and at a much lower cost. Your health and wellness is our first priority! 


Tim just won a trip for 2 to New York, a shopping spree, and a makeover in OPTIFAST's National NEW YOU Contest!

"The New You contest is perfectly named because after following the OPTIFAST program for 17 weeks, I lost 101.3 pounds. I feel completely transformed in body, mind and soul.

Let's start with the body. When I got on the scale on December 27th, 2013, I weighed 390 pounds. If I didn't do something, the Old Me was going to flip my weight odometer past 400 by Valentine's Day. The New Me was not in love with that idea.

So I reached out to Karen Holtmeier of the Medical Weight Management Center in Edina, MN. I told her how everyone had been telling me to just get gastric bypass surgery and that I thought re-arranging my plumbing probably wasn't a good long-term solution for me. I needed mental readjustment too. When she explained the simplicity of the meal replacement plan, I felt free already. It was like a food-intervention. My diet was a no-brainer: 7 shakes a day.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

 Karen Holtmeier, MPH, RD, LN President and CEO
30 years of experience

working closely with you.

         Karen Holtmeier 
         MPH, RD, LN
         President and CEO 

At Medical Weight Management Center, we typically see patients who have tried all of the traditional methods of losing weight.  They are frustrated and confused about their progress and may even weigh more than they did before they started looking for help.

We are here for people whose overall health is now being affected by their weight.  People who have reached the point where they need to gain control and they need someone to guide them.

Whatever amount you need to lose or spend, we can tailor a plan to meet your needs.

An update to Deb's success story:

“October 2013… Here I am, at a little over 2 years on my journey. 20+ pounds lighter than when I last ‘checked in’ for a total of 94 pounds lost and aiming to get to 105 pounds lost so I will be at my high school weight. 

“Thank you to the team at Medical Weight Management Center and OPTIFAST® for their support. By having registered dietitians to share how the science influences our nutritional choices, and to educate us on the right foods, I know I can maintain this for life. 

“I have lost 6.6 pounds since July, and even better--two inches off my waist and two inches off my hips. My lab results are good too!! I am more active than ever, working out at the gym 3-5 times a week, and it’s also been fun trying other activities. I can now do things I never would have tried since I have more mobility!” 

Click here to read more of Deb’s story. 



Do you know a teen struggling with weight issues? Ask us about this new, affordable program.

Our staff has expertise in helping people of all ages. Call today to find out more: 952-835-2132.


OPTIFAST weight loss program for teens


Our longest maintainer stopped by our office recently. Read her inspiring story hereFran at marathon

OPTIFAST® succeeds because it treats the whole you – not just your weight. With OPTIFAST®, you’ll be closely monitored and given the support, counseling, lifestyle education, and meal replacements to help you enjoy long-term weight loss and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.

Medical Weight Loss Benefits
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  • Over 50lbs of average weight loss

  • 11% average decrease in blood pressure

  • 14% average decrease in cholesterol

  • Follow-up studies at 5 years showed over 45% of people kept enough weight off to improve their health long term2

  • After 2 years, 40% maintained more than half their weight loss; 78% of men and 60% of women maintained medically significant weight loss2

    Reference: www.OptiFast.com for more details and information 


             Deb after weight loss with OPTIFAST


Deb before

"As a result of childhood polio, I use a wheelchair, paired with forearm crutches. I just couldn’t burn enough calories to lose the fat. On top of that, I am less than five feet tall. I regularly lost — and then gained — the same 10 pounds! I have had weight challenges most of my life.

"During my first visit I could tell OPTIFAST® was going to be different than my previous diet experiences. In those early weeks the support, education, medical evaluation & positive attitude I received from the clinic staff allowed me to really trust them with my health. ... As a result of losing 75 pounds — and 45 inches — I get around with greater ease."

Click HERE to see more of Deb's fantastic success story!

Or call us at 952.835.2132 to find out more!




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